August 21: Culinary Fight Fest - Chicago


This is a competition for the best of the best. As the first Fight Fest ever, we are ready to make it memorable! 15 Chefs, that have previously competed in a Culinary Fight Club event, will provide samples of a dish of their choosing that showcases everything they've got! The attendees will decide the fate of only four Chefs to move to the final Fight Fest round and to compete to be the ultimate Culinary Fight Club Chef of Chicago! Another small hurtle that these four chefs have to face is that they will not know the dish that they are preparing until minutes before the competition. 

Are you ready to  Compete? Think you're ready to Judge? If you haven't seen the Live Cooking Competition everyone is talking about, then you must come out and experience this Ultimate Show Down!

MC, Host + cheferee


the contestants