Alright alright alright Fight Clubbers, we Laucnch Culinary Fight Club CINY with the CINCY Taco throw down! Let's Taco-bout-It, what makes a Taco signature to CINCY? Is it the Guacamole? Is it the Shell? Is it the Salsa? Or is it the Seasoning? Perhaps it's the locally sourced CINCY Produce?

Whatever it is, we want to Taste what CINCY Talented chefs are creating, one bite at a time. Are you ready to strut your Culinary Stuff? Join us as we crown the FIRST Culinary Fight Club CINCY Champ and cast your Taster’s Choice vote for the best Taco in town!

We're looking for the perfect Bite in 60 Minutes. Some say can't be done, some say bring it on, we say Let's Do This!

Early Bird Registration is open NOW!