They say touch is the answer when cooking steak, those who know steak can tell by the touch the proper doneness of the steak.   A rare steak is soft to the touch, medium feels springy, and well done feels quite hard.

There's definitely a science to cooking the perfect steak and Culinary Fight Club is looking for all those out there who can throw down the perfect steak and plate it up with finesse.  Culinary Fight Club is always in search of that Perfect Bite and as they say we eat with our eyes first!

Watch our contestants use their griddle pan, frying pan or special ingredients to WOW us with the final plate up in 60 minutes.  The best part, the first 100 ticket holders will get to taste + vote on their favorite Bite!  Join us and cast your vote on who’s got The Best Steak skills in town!

Early Bird Register is open NOW