The Blended Burger Battle

There are 1000's of ways to create the perfect burger. On this night, chefs will compete in the ultimate burger battle! 

WAIT, there is a twist! CFC has agreed to participate in the James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Competition! Each burger must contain at least 25% mushrooms!

You will find their burgers in their restaurants from May 8, – July 31, 2017. After the competition, chefs will submit their burger recipe in the James Beard Blended Burger Category and compete for the grand prize: a trip to the historic James Beard House in New York City where they will showcase their blended burgers at an exclusive event in 2018!

60 minutes. 1 winner. Who will be crowned the Culinary Fight Club Blended Burger Champion?

Judge’s Choice Win:
Golden Ticket to the 2017 World Food Championships
Inviation to the 2017 Culinary Fight Fest
CFC Chef Coat + CFC Trophy + $300.00 Cash
Taster’s Choice Win:
CFC Cleaver + $100.00 Cash