HELLO ALABAMA! Culinary Fight Club is looking for the creative use of Seafood, whether it's Salmon or Oysters, paired with local fresh ingredients served in the most gourmet plate up.

Seafood is a delicate protein and flavors and technique will be what will cinch and CFC win in this challenge. Seafood Showdown is by far the challenge where will chefs come out to show their skills and strut their stuff.

We're looking for our contestants to school us on how Great Seafood can be prepared, cooked and eaten! Chefs have 45 seconds to run for their Pantry and 60 minutes to plate up the most S.E.A. worthy final plate. Can you handle it? Come out and place your Taster’s Choice vote for your Favorite S.E.A dish!

S: Seasoning – Flavoring, overall recipe design + structure, we’re looking for creativity in this area. Don’t bore us with the been there done that and don’t scare us into wondering what that is, we like knowing what we eat!

E: Execution – Seafood is cooked to specification and executed properly. We’re looking for skills in this category. Yeah if your scallops are shiny on the outside then perhaps you may check that it’s COOKED or not. Our judges will rip a new one for this … heads up!

A: Appearance – Plate up is strategically designed to taste the perfect bite. Aesthetics and presentation is what will be judging on. We humans eat with our eyes first. Even if your dish can sleigh it if you don’t have us at hello you leave our first love to someone else’s plate … just sayin’!

BAMA  SEAFOOD  (1).png