SIP+Bite: The Perfect Pair Up - Chicago December 17

And here's the 5th Annual fundraising event for Fight2Feed! 2017 was a close race and we can't wait to see who will bring their A game in 2018!

Get in the holiday cheer and come out to share a little sip and a bite with Culinary Fight Club!

In this competition we are looking for the perfect pair up of the Sip and the Bite. 45 seconds to run for the pantry and 60 minutes to create the most gourmet combination. Oh did we mention teams cannot help the other side?! Once designated what side of the plate up they are on they can only taste, counsel and share pantry items! That's right no helping the other side cook so they better get communicating or their perfect pair may become epic fail!

No time to jeer when there is so much cheer!