TUESDAY AUGUST 6 : LAKEWOOD, OH | Sip+Bite The Perfect Pair Up

Inspired from tapas style dining of Spain – also known as small plates – we challenge our contestants to give us the full experience by marrying the Bite with the perfect Sip Culinary Fight Club Style.

$25 Tickets Includes: Beer - Bites & Ballot

-1 Sam Adams Beer

- Nosh Bites by Venue

- Tasters Choice Voting Ballot

- Sample of Chefs Dishes to vote for!

- 50/50 Raffle for Fight2Feed

In this Team Competition we are looking for the Perfect Pair Up of the Sip and the Bite. 45 seconds to run for their pantry and 60 minutes to create the most gourmet combination. Teams cannot help the other side with creating their component. Once designated what side of the plate up (Sip or Bite) they are on, they can only taste, counsel and share pantry items! The name of this game is the Perfect Pair. Can you pick the perfect combination of the Sip + Bite? Come on out and join us 8/6 and see how your taste buds will fare against our judges!

OHIO Sip + Bite _ The Perfect Pair Up (1).png


6:00pm             Doors Open

6:20pm             Chef’s Debrief

6:30pm             45 second pantry race

6:31pm-7:31pm            COOK

7:35pm -8:15pm           Turn In

8:00pm             Taster’s Choice Votes In

8:30pm             Winners Announced


9:00pm             Event Concludes