Contestants need to register on line.  Click the "COMPETE" link.  


Everyone from Home Cooks to Executive Chef!  We look for culinary talent and our motto is if you can cook, you can cook anything, anytime, anywhere!


Contestants can compete 2 time in one city in one year and can only win ONCE in a city.  Contestants can support another competitor but cannot compete as a lead more than 2 times in one year in once city.  Contestants CAN travel to multiple cities to compete more than 2 times in one year and the same rules apply - no more than 2 lead competitions in one cite in the same year.

What do i need to bring to compete?

Contestants must bring all cooking equipment : cutting boards, knives, utensils, extension cords (if needed), anything that you may need to cook with food.

How much is does it cost to register?

$100 per a team of 2 competitors.  Above 2 members it's an additional $25.  Registration fee included (2) Team Member registration with wristband for beverages, (5) taster's Choice Tickets to share with fans and family, Competition Station, Head Shot + SM Marketing, Event Image Access.

What do I win?

Judge's Choice Winners receive CFC Chef Coat + CFC Trophy Taster's Choice varies with competitions Typically a CFC Shirt. Both Judge's Choice and Taster's Choice winners receive an invite to compete in Culinary Fight Fest and The Final Plate [2018 + 2019 in Chicago IL August]

how do I get a World Food Championship golden ticket?

You must compete at Culinary Fight Fest to win a WFC Golden ticket.  Multiple tickets will be awarded at CFF.  The top 4 Final Plate Champions will receive a a Golden Ticket automatically.