The CFC Advisory Board was organized in 2016 to ensure Culinary Fight Club and its competitions were growing with purpose and direction.    The CFC Advisory Board supports CFC  business development/sponsorship partnerships.  The Advisory Board ultimately helps guide CFC brand to grow and develop as a healthy business and Food Sport. Over the 5 seasons we've learned amazing tricks along the way and we hope you have too. To continue the challenge here is your current CFC Advisory Board for 2018!

The CFC Advisory Board

Anthony Martorina, Lance Avery, Jiwon McCartney, Wade Fortin, Eric Cronert, Paul Young

The CFC Council of competitions: COC

2018 The Final Plate Finalist now take the seat for the Culinary Fight Club Advisory Council for the 2018-2019 year.  We are excited and honored to have this panel of Council of Competitions: COC guide our 2019 CFC Competitions. The COC helps develop, change, tweak and support rules and regulation of CFC a World Food Sports Commissioned Sanctioned Food Sport.  We’ve got coast to coast culinary knowledge covered. We’re ready for an exciting year for Food, Fight and Fun!

The COC will support developing our Competition Packets as well as Rules + Regulations of our competitions to uphold and maintain the integrity of CFC as the Food Sport that recognizes and celebrates the most talented Chefs/Cooks in its regions. COC ensures CFC competitions are challenging our competitors to bring their Culinary A Game to the most gourmet plate up with limited time and ingredients.  Lets be honest none of us have the time that we use to have to cook and it's become more challenging then ever to eat fresh and balanced.  We want to know these chefs can cook like we do on our kitchens! The COC will ensure the CFC game is always ON!