So you want to see some intense culinary warfare? You've come to the right place. Every month, Culinary Fight Club hosts themed cooking competitions where chefs and teams compete for bragging rights, respect, and the opportunity to advance to Culinary Fight Fest and The Final Plate. 26 cities will bring you over 70 Culinary Fight Club throwdowns and showdowns to choose from in 2019. Get your tickets and let your taste buds DUKE it out in a city near you!


Contestants or Teams have (60) minutes to impress (3) judges, using Limited provided Kitchen Equipment and Pantry of raw ingredients & a few surprise ingredients. We are looking for the gourmet plate up with the perfect bite! Hungry, don’t worry registered attendees not only get to taste a sample of the chef’s creations, but get to Vote for their favorite Bite to award one lucky chef the Taster's Choice!


Fight2Feed currently has chapters in Chicago, Atlanta and Kansas City and more communities are seeking Fight2Feed support. Culinary Fight Club is the only regular source of funding for Fight2Feed nationwide. Sweat equity and most importantly Fight2Feed leaders are from Culinary Fight Club Chefs and Attendees. We are the Full Package.


Attending a CFC event is fun, intense and something you want to experience again and again. We encourage you to tweet, tag, share, post and shout from the rooftops your experience. If you don't believe that people have a good time, check out our fight recaps below.

With any Fight Club, there are rules. CFC is no exception:

  1. Have a passion for food & cooking

  2. Follow proper kitchen safety and food preparation rules

  3. Share your experience with your friends

  4. Help us recruit attendees, volunteers, chefs or anyone you think would love to get involved. If you want to judge or cook, click here.